At Les Deux, we offer a wide range of accessories designed to give your outfit the finishing touch. Hollywood stars have used accessories to become timeless fashion icons; who can forget Greta Garbo or Audrey Hepburn, who are both famous for their simple grace. The perfect accessory is more than a last minute thought; it is the very thing to transform the ordinary into extraordinary.



The headwear collection for women ranges from beautifully soft cashmere beanies to casual baseball caps with a feminine twist, created by using specialist textile techniques. So crown yourself with one of our luxuriant beanies with their soft, cashmere fabric or caps that’ll transform you to embody cosmopolitan chic.

Another example of our fine collection of accessories are our scarves. No ensemble is complete without the symbol of Danish fashion; the scarf. Designed to protect against the elements whilst exuding glamour and á la mode, our scarves provide comfort in a palette of au naturel shades, reflecting the Danish minimalism and French sophistication.

The Les Deux accessories collection is designed to vitalise all your fashion ensembles, wherever you are, whoever you are, and whatever you do. Our range is always expanding with something to complement your wardrobe for all seasons and occasions.

So complete your outfit with one of our Les Deux accessories and remain in vogue.