To celebrate our new flagship store opening on London’s infamous Oxford Street, Les Deux have designed a series of shirts to commemorate this event.

Nothing embodies London style like the timeless Oxford shirt, a key part of any wardrobe. At Les Deux, we have added our own signature take on this classic piece and are unveiling a series of Oxford shirts crafted from lightweight cotton with a button-down collar, or trimmed with our new details and neck labels. By combining modern textiles with classic tailoring, we’ve created comfort and classic style for the gentleman about town.


The origins of this fabric date back to the 19th Century in Scotland, where fabric mills began to experiment with different weaves. From here came four fabrics, named after the beacons of knowledge through this period, which were Yale, Harvard, Cambridge and Oxford. Out of these four, only one fabric stood the test of time; the Oxford fabric became a fashion essential. An Oxford shirt is thus defined by its’ weave, which consists of two different yarn strands woven in a basket pattern, giving it the renowned finish.

Oxford shirts come in two main styles; the button-down collar design is for casual wear, and the traditional pointed collar for more formal styles. For a casual look, a good pair of chinos or jeans and if it’s chilly, a jumper will create strong harmony. The students of yesteryear may have spawned a new sporty casual look for the Oxford shirt, but that doesn’t mean the formal style is extinct. Though you are more likely to see many wearing the Oxford as a smart casual shirt, the pointed collar complements men’s suits. As you can see from our very own range of Oxford shirts, there are plenty of colour choices available.

We take pride in our shirt collection because we try to match something to everyone’s tastes. From heavier Oxford shirts to softer, lighter cotton blends, from slim-fit to regular styles, we ensure that there is something for your wardrobe. The variety of tailored fits ensures that the collection is the closest thing to ‘bespoke’ possible.

A gentleman’s wardrobe is incomplete without an Oxford shirt. When you want to buy an Oxford, just turn to Les Deux.