No type of apparel tells more about a person than their footwear and this is something we take to heart.

We have travelled the globe in search for inspiration and knowledge to create shoes that are perfect. We realise that shoes are not just a cover for your feet but much more; your feet bear the brunt of the day’s stress when you walk and stand, thus we understand that your feet need care. Your shoes are also a deeper expression of who you are as an individual.

Due to our efforts to reach perfection, we chose to make our shoes in Portugal. They are renowned for their shoemaking skills and our partners have more than 80 years of experience. From the first sketch to the last stitch, we ensure perfection throughout the whole fabrication process of our handmade shoes.

Our whole shoe collection is made from handpicked materials from specialised manufacturers worldwide. Only with the right materials and the best partners is it possible to create the perfect shoe. The hunt for the optimal materials has been long but we found what we needed. All aspects of our shoes from the trimmings, eyelids, laces and boxes to the suede and leather are of the highest quality.

Lastly, those wearing our shoes know that elegance, balance and comfort are all intertwined in order to make our shoe designs reach another level.

At Les Deux, we produce shoes that give your feet the care they need while giving you the look which you desire.