At Les Deux, we’re all about the “perfect fit” and the “feel”.

For many years we have been optimising sweatshirts and through our experience, we have actualised this process. It therefore fills us with pride seeing a Les Deux sweatshirt being worn because by wearing this, you are supporting high quality fabrics and perfection in design.


Our sweatshirts come in two styles; a regular fit, which is tighter and an oversize, looser fitting in order to cater for the gentleman’s preference. The weight of the sweatshirts range from 260 – 300g quantities, meaning that we are capable of producing thinner styles for the summer and thicker styles for the winter season.

The designs come in both minimalistic, clean designs and more eye-catching statements with logo prints. The details come in different material variations including print-velour, embroidery, froté etc. These details give our sweatshirts the distinctive edge and a special feeling for the connoisseur.

Our sweatshirts are designed with and without ribs. Most of our styles possess a 2x2 1.5cm neck rib with a 6cm rib at the end of the sleeves and waist. A few of the styles even have V-rib in front in order to give a tone-in-tone detail.

The sweatshirt collection is 100% cotton. However, they have a very different feel to it because of the working processes they have been through. When working with the cotton we use three different kinds of processes, which affects the softness. The three kinds of processes are un-brushed, single brushed and double brushed. The un-brushed quality has the least softness to it while the double brushed has a supremely soft feel to it.

All this is important to us as nothing can compare to the feeling of having a sweatshirt that fits you just right.

We promise that with Les Deux, you can always find a sweatshirt that fits and feels right.