At Les Deux, we cater for the taste of the modern look by providing a collection tailored to every mood.

From our diverse portfolio, you can select t-shirts based on your lifestyle and demands, be it a clean, casual, eccentric or attention grabbing. Designs range from simple basic t-shirts, to those with minimalistic logos and designs that make bigger statements.


The fabrics used range from 100% soft cotton to un-brushed heavy pique. The most common colours are clean navy, snow mélange, black and white; we also offer designs in light red, aqua and tones of cream in order to breathe life into the portfolio. All t-shirts are made with a tight weave with 1x1 neck-rib, meaning that they possess the quality of durability.

At Les Deux, we always seek to incorporate uniqueness in our designs by creating a distinctive feel to the t-shirts. Among our most sophisticated elements is the rolled-up sleeves with a 1.5 cm rim; this adds a fresh feel to different styles. Additionally, we work with both arched and straight bottoms to ensure there exists something for every gentleman.

For the connoisseurs of fashion, we have added several distinctive details to create the preppy Les Deux lifestyle. We believe looks are just as important as the feeling and quality of the product. Therefore, we are always trying out different materials from velour and froté applications to embroidery.

All of our t-shirt styles have been pre-washed to ensure they are unaffected when washed. This means a Les Deux t-shirt bought today will last in years to come.

One thing we can promise is that at Les Deux, there is a t-shirt for everyone!