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A Confident Leap of Faith – A conversation with Mads Emil Grove Møller, stylist and fashion consultant


Mads Emil Grove Møller is a Danish creator, stylist and independent fashion consultant. With his bold, streetwear-focused style, he has been a lasting figure on the Danish fashion stage for years. We sat down with Mads Emil to discuss the complexities of finding your own voice, choosing a platform and creating a network that can push you forward.

The clock turns two, as we enter the coffee shop by the corner of The King’s Garden in the center of Copenhagen. The sweltering midday sun is beaming, and Mads Emil is greeting us from the courtyard. From behind his rectangular sunglasses, he exudes an aura of confidence. Mads Emil has been in the game for many years. He has been working as a fashion editor, stylist and has his own podcast; PodPassion, where he interviews people from the creative industry about authenticity and culture. He has a voice in the fashion industry, and people look to him for advice. All in all, he has managed to break free from expectations and live professionally from his passion. Authenticity has never been in higher demand, so what is it, that holds people back? What are the fundamental steps to take, if you want to earn a living from doing what you love?

“Passion is key in this situation. It needs to come from your heart. You have got to feel a barely controllable urge to do the things, you set out to do, and that’s basically also often what people neglect. I have always distinguished myself from others from the way I dressed and kept my appearance. This have shaped me and given me a personal brand. Combined with the knowledge and experience of people I know in different fields, I have managed to create a strong public voice.” Mads Emil proclaims.

Diving into a new field of work requires, to a certain degree, a leap of faith. You have to voice your opinion, and risk not being heard. That is why the mindset, and passion, is of crucial importance. Many people succeed because they get through the initial hard stage, solely by perseverance and the power of this uncontrollable urge to create. Some believe that building a career on your own brand is something that comes naturally, and only to certain people. However, that is not necessarily true. If you represent something genuine, everyone can do it. Nonetheless, it takes a tremendous amount of work, innovation and a solid network of people who can support you.

So how do you build a valuable network? And how do you utilize it, so that everyone achieves a positive outcome?

“I have always worked from the simple rule; treat others the way you want to be treated. It may sound very easy, but trust me, for some it is not. Good energy and positivity open doors and make people want to engage with you. You utilize it by respecting it and never exploiting it.” Mads Emil instructs.

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The relationship between talent and network has for long been a topic of discussion, as they both relate to an individual’s ability to execute a task. With the right combination, great things are suddenly achievable. Raw talent is a powerful force, but without the right exposure, it might never reach the right audience. Likewise, the value of a network is determined by its collective talent and influence. So, which one is more important?

“Talent is valuable in proving your skills and the network will help you reach people and collaborate with others. I will say that talent is more important, as talent often attracts others. A network will in many cases naturally form itself.” Mads Emil states.

Finally, after many years in the mill, a question arises. Does turning your passion and interest into a professional career change your perspective on said interest? And old Confucian quote states if you “find a job you love, you shall never work a day in your life”, but there is also a risk. Maybe your passion loses its spark, in your daily effort to manage bills, clients and deadlines. Suddenly, what was once your source of relief, is now giving you a headache. So how do you keep it in balance? Is it a matter of fate, or can you do something to keep the fire alive?

“As with anything, I have found that I have to change things up, in order to keep my initial interest and passion alive. I try to always be aware of that and look for new inspiration and ideas. For example, I am currently working on my own little video project - something that I have always postponed, because I was uncertain about it. But now I have just thrown myself into it and it feels right. It is new and I have many things to learn.

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I wouldn’t say I have changed much, but I like to think that I have accumulated new knowledge every year. I think you stay relevant by being authentic to yourself. Don’t follow others, but be yourself, and stay genuine. Then people will see what you have to offer!” Mads Emil says in a confident tone.

In conclusion, the time has never been better for someone to take a chance. The internet is always demanding new, engaging material, and most platforms are open for everyone who wants to leave their mark on the world. So, find your voice, and start engaging. You might just find yourself a new career.

Conversation between: @Madsdamind & @Mathiaslesdeux