Children’s Safety Foundation

Børneulykkesfonden (Children’s Safety Foundation) is a non-profit organisation that works to ensure the safety of children in Denmark and reduce the number of accidents. Their vision is to make Denmark the safest place in Europe for children by educating parents and childcare workers about safety. This includes safety in children's homes, traffic safety and in sports/leisure activities without compromising on the playfulness, creativity and physical nature.

At Les Deux, we believe that children are our future and we have thus designed a sportswear collection with reflectors to help improve children’s safety. The idea behind the initiative is among other things, to shed light on children's safety in traffic. To shed further light on the subject, we have arranged an event in collaboration with the team behind Børneulykkesfonden, where a large group of people will run through the streets of Copenhagen in the dark whilst wearing reflectors. Furthermore, part of the profit from sales of Les Deux Athletics has been donated to Børneulykkesfonden to aid their projects.

Read more about the project here: http://bø