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Climb for Charity


Climb for Charity is a project in which several dedicated people join forces to climb mountains and raise funds for the improvement of children’s welfare.

The initiative started in 2015 on the basis of a good idea from the founders Jesper Kramer and Henrik Uth. They would like to draw attention to the Child Accident Fund to help increase child safety in Denmark. In this context, it is not a coincidence that it is precisely mountaineering that has become the focal point of Climb for Charity.

The idea for this initiative came about as it was important to focus on child safety during physical activities, as the Fund finds focus on physical activities very important.

Several well-known Danes who are skilled business people, private individuals and a wide range of companies actively donate to the Child Accident Fund's preventive work.

A project like needs a lot of support and for the climb itself, you need just the right gear. Thus we saw the opportunity to help in the best way we know; we have supplied high-quality Les Deux Athletics performance gear. Thereby we are part of all the participants’ hard training up to the big climb, and with them on the mountain too. We are proud to be part of this project with Les Deux Athletics apparel and will ensure that participants can perform at their best.

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