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Design For Conscious Consumption



Design for conscious consumption is about minimizing the pressure on virgin materials by maximizing the use of resources, and ultimately reduce waste of applicable fabrics. This demands a transition in our sourcing and design process, as the primary task is to investigate which and where the fabrics can be procured and subsequently how the design is conducted. 

No matter how responsibly a garment is produced and delivered to the consumer, the sustainability of the product plunges if it ends up on the landfill shortly after purchase, or if it is left in the wardrobe un-used or un-loved.

The design style of Les Deux has always focused on clean lines, classic aesthetics and comfort. The design is meant to last and to be flexible, which ultimately displays a timeless design and an ability combine with styles from previous and future collections.

These slow consumption characteristics for longevity and durability greatly contributes to a sustainable use phase, where the utility value of the product is maximized – as a backlash against the fast-fashion practice dominating the industry.