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Eventure - The North Star Academy


Eventure is a Danish union which works hard to create personal and educational development in third world countries. The goal is to improve the living conditions and the quality of life for people through long-term, as well as sustainable development.

The Northern Star Academy gives young Zambians who have fallen out of the education system a new chance at the school bench and a proper push in the right direction. The academy is a boarding school that offers young people from the northern region of Zambia a learning year in a developing environment. At the school, up to 50 students get a new home for a year with plenty of chances to develop their future together with other peers. The Academy offers free tuition, boarding, lodging and hope that staying at the Northern Star Academy will allow the Zambian youth to finish their schooling. With new qualifications and higher self-esteem, students are better equipped to complete high school when leaving the academy.

At Les Deux, we are proud to have contributed to building the school and their football stadium, as well as donated clothes and equipment for the football team. We have visited the students and helped the school with maintenance. We have also designed a soccer jersey for them and sold with the profit being donated to The Northern Star Academy.

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