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Exploring the World Through the Lens of a Professional


Travelling the world has always been inspiring. New people, new landscapes, new cultures etc. is to be found everywhere and if you let it all in you will definitely enrich your life.

In this part we want to give you an insight into how professional travelers see the world and which parts of this amazing world they prefer to travel to. We sat down with three of our favourite travellers for a talk and this is what they came up with.

Simon Bradley

“My name is Simon, i am a cinematographer and travel photographer from Denmark. I love to travel the unbeaten path, to find inspiration, to disconnect. I have always been a boy that looks up, a boy wondering what is out there, trying to grasp what we are and why we are. I have never looked up in search of an answer, but i have looked up with curiosity and a wanderlust towards the unreachable. One of my many dreams is to one day photograph earth from space. This very mindset is often seen in my work, I love to convey big emotions, photograph unbelievable landscapes, but most importantly I love to feel small. I travel to feel small, to put my life into perspective.“


“We are more connected than ever before, yet so many people feel disconnected from this world. I think that has become a common problem for generation z to battle with, and yes, there was a time when i travelled to satisfy others in the name of social media, create the next great photo with the sheet ambition of sharing it, but I soon realized that it shouldn’t be about that. At least that was a never ending battle with dissatisfaction. It had to be about something else, something deeper, and that was when I looked within and found that it had to be about life. After all we only have this one life, and all we can do is to live it to the best of our ability.”

“Being alone out in remote places of this planet listening to music is one of the great joys in my life. In a time where everyone is so much up in their own head, wondering what to wear, what to say and how you are supposed to live your life, it is a humbling experience to feel small, insignificant. It's liberating really, and it gives you perspective. I love to dream of other worlds, for better or worse. It's not like i'd like to live a solitude life, i'm very social, and i do worry about what I wear, what I say and how everyone else views me - but every once in a while I like to be carried far away from everything. Come to think of it, that might also be why my work always has a larger than life feel to it. I want to express this feeling through my photos and film. It was never about showing off all the great places i've been, it was always about chasing that exact feeling, chasing something that can detach my mind from my body. In my work and personally”

Daniel Overbeck

“I have always been captivated by the nature and especially the more desolate and raw kind in the north. Here you will not get disturbed by anything or anyone, it is only you and your thoughts and that is what I really like about it. My favourite place, in the whole world, to withdraw myself from the everyday noise of the city is Iceland. More specifically the Westfjords.”

“On the west coast of Iceland you find the Westfjords region, a remote area with only a very few people living there. Here you find the unspoiled Icelandic nature at its finest with. Back in the days a lot of people used to live here but as you see in many parts of the world, the population starts to move to the bigger cities, which in this case is Reykjavik. This creates an interesting atmosphere with a lot of small abandoned houses blending into the raw nature. Here you get the feeling of being all alone in the world and when you settle into that mindset and embrace the silence you cannot do anything else than find an inner peace. The only one to disturb the silence is the wildlife of Iceland. Seals are to be seen all the way along the coast and arctic foxes running around.”

“In my everyday hunt for beautiful and inspiring pictures I use the raw nature almost daily. And what I especially like about the northern countries is the cold. There is something unique to this feeling which makes everything look and feel more clean and peaceful. And the feeling of working hard to get the right picture by pushing yourself through raw and cold places just adds something to the experience. I have travelled all over the world in all kinds of countries but the north keeps pulling me back. “

“For some reason I have always been a big fan of rainy days and in this area of Iceland they have a lot of them. Feeling that cozy mood while driving through the rain on these small gravel roads functions for me as a great inspirational source. Here I have the time to think some deep thoughts and use my creative skills while enjoying the scenery.”

“The Westfjords is for me the essence of calm. Everything here creates an inner peace in me and therefore this is a place I will be visiting for the rest of my life when I need to recharge myself.”

Jonas Hornehøj

“I was asked what destination that got me down-to-earth the most, where I can forget about every day stress and where I feel inspired. There’s a couple of destinations which of many reasons fits well with my mindset. If I had to choose one, it would be Indonesia and specifically; Flores. The ocean around Flores is probably the most astonishing I have ever seen and experienced. “

“Indonesia is better known for the island named Bali, a highly popular tourist destination, which is the only part of Indonesia the majority of them experience. However among these magical islands of Indonesia, there’s so much more to it. Few would recognize the name Flores, but a lot would if you mentioned Komodo. Flores is consisting of multiple islands, which is also a part of Komodo National Park. So the reason for these islands attracting success is because of the Komodo dragons. “

“I’ve seen and experienced a lot and no other destination carries the magic like the islands of Flores. For instance, there’s some amazing vulcano mountain landscapes with perfect sandy beaches, and some staggering pink beaches with blue water in all kind of nuances, I didn't know even existed. And I could go on.“

“I’m mostly working as a full-time photographer, using my instagram to share my adventures resulting in multiple similar images some times. I’ve had periods of my life where I’ve been less interested or felt less inspired, but I doubt this happening again while staying on Flores. Especially one island got my attention and conquered my heart, its name is Palau Padar. It was a coincidence that I experienced the sunset and sunrise of the island, I’ve never seen anything that peaceful. I can’t even describe how beautiful it was.”

“It’s one of the destinations where I simply can’t put the camera away, just lost in my artistic thoughts. The whole process is at the same time quite soothing. Obviously, it’s quite difficult to describe the feeling when I’m there, a feeling blossoming inside of me.”

“The most exciting is all the beautiful things to see, no matter where you’re sailing to. We were living on a boat, sailing around in the area to the different islands, all part of Flores. Every land we saw and stopped by was so beautiful. Seriously I mean so incredibly beautiful. It was likely to believe than non of these islands were real, because they looked so adventurous and like created fantasies.”

“If you ever get the opportunity to visit Flores, or Indonesia in general, then try out these things. Because Indonesia is one of the most beautiful countries I’ve ever seen and experienced with my own eyes, and not entirely because of the landscapes or capturing tremendously images, but because of the unique culture and the kind local residents as well. I fell so much in love with Indonesia, resulting in me more or less moving their soon, this time staying at least a couple of months.”