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Football for a new tomorrow

In the challenging environment of Sierra Leone’s social, political and economic landscapes, Fant (Football for a new tomorrow) ensures that the youth can continue to develop and nurture their sporting talent. The aim of the organisation is to develop sporting role models in order to inspire youth. Furthermore, Fant reinforces through education both democratic principles and human rights through established sports clubs.  As a result, these sports clubs take on a greater role of social responsibilities in local communities. 

Since the foundation of Fant in 2012, the organisation has been tackling issues in Sierra Leone, which has arguably one of the poorest populations and plagued with corruption. In addition, the nation is recovering from the horrors of the 1990s civil war, as well as the Ebola outbreak of 2014. A combination of these factors makes this country difficult to get a foothold in. Yet despite the challenges, Fant has managed successfully to create a unique project named “Football for Unity”. In just six years, Fant has built ten well-functioning sports associations, directly benefiting more than ten thousand youths daily.

We are proud to be a part of the Fant projects and will ensure that the coaches, as well as the youth have empowering apparel to put on when they step onto the football fields.

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