Unified by Ambitions

F.C. Copenhagen x Les Deux

Over the next three years, staff, players and fans from F.C. Copenhagen will be able to share more than just a love for the jersey due to a new partnership with the

Danish menswear brand Les Deux. F.C. Copenhagen aims to become an international club with local roots; an ambition which is closely in line with Les Deux’s values.

An important building block within this objective is the community between the fans and the club, which will be materialized through a new formalwear collection available for all.

The collection has been developed in collaboration with F.C. Copenhagen, to give the community an opportunity to represent the club outside of match days. Ranging from formal attire to casualwear, fans can dress to support their team regardless of whether they are home or away.

“It is with great pride that we present the partnership with Les Deux, whom we have had a close relationship with for some time now. The brand has the same roots as us, both being from Copenhagen, yet sharing international ambitions as well as common values in regard to always being at the forefront and developing ourselves to fulfil our ambitions. We are going to push the framework for these types of partnerships in a direction we are sure will delight our fans, who we took into consideration when initiating the partnership with Les Deux”, says Director of F.C. Copenhagen, Jacob Lauesen.

Jacob Lauesen, Director of F.C. Copenhagen

Les Deux is no stranger to F.C. Copenhagen and the club’s fans, having successfully collaborated previously on smaller projects. In 2015, Les Deux designed the third jersey for F.C. Copenhagen, as well as launching an exclusive collection last year. The great interest in these two projects indicated that there was an opportunity in a larger collaboration. Les Deux was founded in Copenhagen in 2011 and have since experienced significant growth, earning the right to call themselves an international brand today. The partnership has gone from strength to strength over the years and Andreas Von Der Heide, Founder of Les Deux, sees further opportunities in the development of this relationship.

“A partnership with Scandinavia’s largest club and a consistent international representative of Danish football gives great meaning and value to the journey we ourselves are on at Les Deux. We think it’s an interesting opportunity to create a partnership that also has importance for the club’s fans and to activate Les Deux within an area that we do not see utilized many other places; life as a fan and player off the field. Les Deux is built on a constant desire to develop and raise the bar wherever possible, with a focus on an inclusive culture rooted in our employees. In the same way we want to focus on how both staff, players and fans always – even when the lights are off – play an important role in constantly chasing ambitions and new goals on behalf of the club. It is an exciting partnership for us, which we are very much looking forward to developing over the next three years.”

Unified by Ambitions

The ambition of the partnership is to set new standards for how F.C. Copenhagen connects the club and its fans, who can soon look forward to new exciting opportunities to represent the club through this collection.

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