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Free Like A Bird


A feeling of freedom is in many ways characteristic for the Lower East Side today. From the European immigrants searching for better opportunities, till today where the area is a community and an open-minded place. A noteworthy place with a view of the blue sky, wherever you are, feeling like you’re free like a bird.

New York skyline

East River surrounds Lower East Side with its length of 26 kilometers. From the seawall you’ll find an admirable view of the blue salt water, gleaming in the sunlight. Down the East River the Williamsburg Bridge will appear connecting the Lower East Side of Manhattan with the Williamsburg neighbourhood of Brooklyn. The architecture of the bridge was ahead of its time, today considered very modernistic with the exposed skeletons, the lack of excessive ornamentation and celebration of raw materials.

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From the Williamsburg Bridge you can admire the horizon of the LES, glimpsing some few buildings, but primarily the view of the sky. The significantly volume of the sky is highly notable, being a disparity and opposition to the rest of NYC. The Upper and Midtown Manhattan is characterized by skyscrapers and other tall buildings, which creates an enclosed environment and vaguely feeling of claustrophobia, even though it’s obviously fascinating.

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New York skyline

Having a spacious neighborhood like LES with a skyline in eminently balance is a different memorable experience. Absorbing all the darkness, creating a composure melted together with elation instead. In through the windows a lot of brightness lights up apartments, expressing life, including a seemingly feeling of no boundaries holding you down. The color of blue is clearly dominating on the LES with a spectacular feeling of freedom. Associated with depth and stability, symbolizing trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, faith etc. A combination of qualities LES possess, reflected in distinctive buildings, nature in the parks or residents living in the neighborhood. Taking a look up for a moment, admiring the blue sky with room for birds flying in formation, is a magnificent view that catches your eyes, having a different presence from different views on the LES. 

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New York skyline