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Goodwings is a Copenhagen based company that combines their love of travelling with their passion for a sustainable future. With a network consisting of more than 365,000 hotels worldwide, they always have what we need when we book a hotel room.

Whenever we travel around the world and need a place to stay, we use Goodwings to give something back to the world, and it is here that Goodwings has something unique to offer; for every booking through their portal, the commission is split 50/50 with Goodwings and we can choose a charity project to donate towards. This way, we can help people, animals and the environment just by choosing the right way to book our hotel.

Goodwings have a big focus on the UN’s 17 Global Goals that we can choose to support, or we select one of the projects we are already collaborating on. To make it as effective as possible, we can support the charity projects either as a business or as an individual. All we have to do is book the hotel through their webpage, and we can choose to donate the commission to one of the projects.

The big hotel and travel portals use more than 100 billionDKK on advertising through TV-commercials and web-ads. Goodwings prefer to use this money towards better causes.

The collaboration with Goodwings gives us a golden opportunity to donate some of the money we spend on hotels towards good projects for “free” and this way of revolutionising the travelling industry matches the spirit of Les Deux to perfection.

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