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Green Spots In The Concrete Jungle


The Lower East Side has always been a very unique part of New York in many different ways. The whole vibe and culture there is more relaxed and homely which is only reinforced by the green oases seen around this part of the city.

New York City

The most iconic green spot is without a doubt the East River Park. Here you have it all. The relaxing waters in front of you, with the Williamsburg and Brooklyn coastlines towering up behind it, the beautiful Williamsburg bridge connecting the two sides in the middle of it all, while the concrete jungle encircles the green oase you are walking within. Ever since the immigration really started and all the way up until today this has been a place to come, for the people of LES, to gather their thoughts away from all the city buzz. 

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New York City

Imagine living in the city that never sleeps and being able to find a quiet place without cars, only people walking, running and biking around in a pace that allows you to think about life. During the 80’s and 90’s the East River Park where the place for people get together, in a shimmering stretch of green colors.

New York City

Walking the parks of the LES you find yourself in an oasis amidst all the chaos and surrounded by inspirational green colors everywhere. The green colors of LES are part of the district's history: As the parks in the 90’s were a lively common ground for the diversity residents in the LES. This was the place for people to get together and the place for cultures to meet and blossom. Diversity in people is a beautiful and inspiring presence and put together in these green spots just creates something unique. 

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The green spots of LES is life affirming where nature and city meets in a beautiful way and the green colors combined with life of the residents is associated with harmony, community and a relaxing environment. People has and will always seek communities to be part of.

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New York City