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HandcraftedCph x Les Deux



10 numerated limited edition necklaces will launch on June 28th 12 PM (noon) exclusively via

From their local studio on Vesterbro, Handcraftedcph creates handmade jewellery. With it’s founder and owner, Anders Forup in charge, Handcraftedcph is born out of several generations of goldsmiths. It is this quality, design niche and dedication that Les Deux aligns with. The mix of minimalistic and sporty yet preppy style of Les Deux combined with Handcraftedcph’s dedication to Danish design allows the collaboration to go hand-in-hand. 

In addition, Anders notes that one of the main driving forces for him to want to collaborate was following the journey of Les Deux since the beginning and seeing how it has grown from strength to strength. He sees a lot of parallels between the two brands: “Les Deux was built a lot like we were. Without realising, we have managed to build the brand from the bottom. It isn’t something where we had a big strategic plan- that came further on. It started from a desire and a passion-driven project”.  

Anders has confidence that jewellery for men will become even more popular, and has done since he started engaging within the jewellery business- watching a development in how men today purchase and wear it. When he started Handcraftedcph, it was primarily women buying for their partners. “It is easy to see how fashion is changing. Today, more men are wearing rings, earrings and very often necklaces, as they can be worn both as a statement or more casually. Starting out, I thought it was virtually impossible to make a business out of jewellery for men as the market was so small, however now I am certain that this is not the case” says Anders.

Les Deux’ Creative director Mathias Jensen tells us about the collaboration: “What we fell for in the first place was the hard working drive of Anders and his business as well as their uncompromising care for design and aesthetics. We felt that we could mirror our self as a brand in his business and we, therefore, feel that this product made sense on so many levels”. Further, Mathias addresses that fact that he admires Anders’ ability to adapt and understand the customers desire in owning a bespoke piece that has been custom-made to fit their needs.


10 numerated limited edition necklaces will launched on June 28th 12 PM (noon) exclusively via priced at €200.