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Introduction to Rewear - Launching exclusively in Denmark


Introducing rewear a circular platform for repurposing worn les deux garments

We’re proud to announce that this Friday we’re launching our very own platform for circular consumption. The platform is named Rewear and encourages a behaviour that extends the lifespan of your Les Deux styles by bringing pre-worn styles to new owners. ⁠As of now the platform launches exclusively in Denmark. 

What is Rewear?

A circular platform for repurposing worn Les Deux garments.

Why we initiated Rewear?

To minimise the environmental footprint of already existing Les Deux products, we have created Rewear. With this platform, we strive to maximize the amount of times a garment is used through its life cycle, thereby lowering society’s demand for new products. By locating neglected garments and passing them on to new, excited owners, we can reinvigorate the spark inside the garment and prolong its aesthetic lifespan. Why should you use Rewear?

The Rewear platform will function with its own internal credit system, allowing you to deposit your abandoned garments in exchange for payment. This credit can then be used to acquire new, exciting pieces, ready for a new life in your wardrobe. The full exchange is taken care of by the Rewear platform, ensuring inspection, washing and restoration of all garments going through the system. 


How Rewear works:

  • Stop by either of the two Les Deux stores or any Magasin du Nord department stores and hand in your pre-worn Les Deux garments.
  • In return you’ll receive a voucher with credit that you can spend right away on the Rewear platform. The more you hand in, the more credit you’ll receive.
  • Your pre-worn styles will be cleaned and made ready for the next owner. 
  • Shop new pre-worn styles.


Shop from the Rewear platform from the 7th of August