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Collaborating with a range of different relief organisations from around the world is a huge part of what makes up the Les Deux Legacy.

We sat down with the Co-Founder of FANT, Cecilie Hauerberg, to delve into one of our most recent projects to discuss the core fundamentals of FANT and the benefits of working together.

What is the main focus of FANT as a relief organisation?

Through the establishment and preservation of sports clubs, FANT makes sure that children and adolescents can continue to play sports in safe environments. FANT develops role models who inspire and support children in their everyday life and the children are taught democratic principles in which they can benefit from in many other aspects of their lives. The sports clubs are also a place where the children are taught human rights, including women’s rights, which are explored and debated on various workshops. This is how FANT creates sports clubs that are more than just clubs –clubs that take social and human responsibility in local communities.

How has it been to work with Les Deux so far? And what difference have Les Deux made in Sierra Leone?

FANT and Les Deux began the collaboration at the beginning of 2018. Les Deux donated five boxes of clothes to FANT, that was then shipped to Sierra Leone in March. The quality of the clothes donated by Les Deux is of such premium level, which is why it is fantastic that FANT are now able to make it their new formal uniform for all office staff. FANT has an office space in central Freetown, where 15 employees meet every day to coordinate, plan and implement the many activates we host for more than 15,000 children and adolescents. In May, Les Deux wanted to expand on the work they were doing for us and so became the official sponsor for two football teams in Sierra Leone. Through this donation, FANT can now provide coaching education, small allowances for coaches, water at training, equipment like footballs, boots etc. and workshops for these two teams. Les Deux has provided the financial support to help these two teams together with game uniforms.      

How do you see the future of this collaboration?

FANT are delighted and proud to work with Les Deux. The partnership between the two brands has strengthened a huge amount since Les Deux’s sponsorship of the two Sierra Leone teams. This, no doubt will be the beginning of a long and happy partnership in aiming to achieve greatness for the future of the next generation.

After the fantastic support given from Les deux, we hope they will be able to visit us and their new teams in Sierra Leone to see and experience how their donation is creating huge change and benefitting vulnerable children and adolescents.

What was it about Les Deux that you found interesting and made you want to collaborate with them?

Les Deux is, like FANT, relatively young as a business. This means that different paths will be explored and there is space for creativity and innovative thinking. This was a big attraction for FANT, because Les Deux is a partner we can identify with. FANT doesn’t want to be limited to one aspect or one idea. We explore possibilities and try different things along the way. In many aspects, we see the partnership between Les Deux and FANT as a perfect match. Both allies have a vision of creating something unique, and also dream of creating a better world while doing this.   

What are the future plans for FANT as a relief organisation?

The dream for FANT is to start projects in another African country within the next two to three years. Our programs in Sierra Leone are stable and getting more and more independent every day, however, we are not there yet. Although our instructors are teaching extremely valuable and high quality lessons, when it comes to educating our players democratic values and human rights, we still need more time, more workshops and more role models.  Within the last six years we have achieved a huge amount and established more than anyone believed we would. But there is still a big need for FANT to be in Sierra Leone. At this point, if we do decide to expand to another country, Sierra Leone will still be our primary focus until we feel it is ready to stnd on its own two feet. However we do believe, that we have found a set-up that can be translated to almost all other countries in the world. and that the combination of sport, democracy and human rights shows exceptional outcome in development programmes.