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Les Deux launches new sustainability strategy


At Les Deux it has always been our business to care. Not only about the quality of our products but also about people and our surroundings.

In recent years it has become a reality that the climate and environment is under severe pressure.  For this reason we at Les Deux have embarked on a mission to accelerate the sustainable development by focusing on acting more responsibly, and ultimately reducing our environmental impact and footprint.

We realized early on that this would be quite a task and that we needed to map the entire process and set a new direction in regards to sustainable development. We then joined forces with CSR Forum, the leading non-profit organization with many years of experience and a significant network, and with their help we spent four months developing a comprehensive sustainability strategy.

Working with sustainability made us realize the necessity of addressing the global climate issues and how practice has been conducted for decades within the industry. In spite of our affection for working with fashion, there are many aspects throughout the entire value chain that can no longer be neglected. Progress without change is impossible which is exactly why we have chosen this path for Les Deux.

Our sustainability strategy contains a vast amount of information, however, the essence can be outlined into three focus areas; responsible supply chain management, sustainable materials and design for conscious consumption.

Responsible supply chain management is about providing fair, safe, and legal working conditions for everyone we do business with and are employed by our contractors and subcontractors.  We have to be able to account for our operations and impacts that are caused by us throughout the entire process. The immense web of processes that are coherent with a more responsible supply chain management, will not happen overnight.  However, we will take responsibility for our activities by implementing proper due diligence at our production sites. We are mapping the possibilities of creating a trustful network of experts who can conduct professional audits and report back to us, so we can ensure that they are compliant with the contracts.

Next in the process are the sustainable materials. Material choices are one of the main contributors to the adverse effects of the fashion business which is why our strategy focuses on transitioning to more sustainable choices. In order to better understand our processes and goals, we have broken down our strategy into areas: choosing chemicals with care, using recyclable fiber-mix and working with certified materials that collectively help minimize the negative impact and limit our environmental footprint.

We aim to do good while never compromising on the quality we deliver to our customers around the world. Together we can change the course of the industry and improve the legacy we leave behind.