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Les Deux Starts the Retail Chapter


Introducing our first stand-alone store on Gammel Kongevej 96 in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen. We’re delighted and honoured to invite everybody to our store and show off all the hard work and immense planning we’ve put into it. Step into the pleasant ambiance, take in the atmosphere, mirror yourself in the clothing and get acquainted with the new faces in our store.

An evolution of the shopping experience has taken place over the past decades. Retail shopping has experienced a complete overhaul by the introduction of online shopping and thereby no longer restricted by time and place. These kinds of digital solutions have created easy access to comparing and buying products but have raised customer expectations to the service level that retailers provide.

No matter the amount of quality merchandise, the fast pace and delivery service, it all comes down to what we consider a minimum level of service of the shopping experience. The customer wants and expects a pleasant and unique experience tailored to the individual’s needs and wants. Moreover, these expectations are further fueled by global trends. When opening our first retail store, we took these factors into consideration and incorporated them every step of the way.

Some argue that retail stores are over and on their way to being fully replaced by online stores in the near future. But the fact remains that we humans are social creatures who want a uniquely individual experience. It would be a mistake to underestimate the significance of customer contact and interaction.

How does one go about doing that? All it takes is to disrupt the way of thinking retail.

Offering something out of the usual, in order to generate value for our closest customers and build a lifelong relationship through excellent products and superior service. We want people to experience the world of Les Deux, get inspired and embrace what we  have created together. Our very first store is located in the hip and trendy neighbourhood of Vesterbro in Copenhagen, a place we love and are familiar with.

At our new store we provide a cheerful atmosphere and welcome customers with a smile. By combining expertise, inspiring store layout and pleasant shopping experience we aim to make it a pleasant visit and you will be able to feel the essence of Les Deux.