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Murray Town Football Club, Freetown, Sierra Leone


An update from our two teams at Murray Town Football Club

At the beginning of 2018 we had the pleasure of entering into a collaboration with Danish charity FANT and are now starting to see the results of the hard work put into this organisation.

We started with focusing on two football teams in Murray Town, Freetown. The girl’s team and the senior men’s team.

In Sierra Leone, boys from 17 years and up don’t tend to have the financial means to continue at higher education. 80% of young men in Sierra Leone are unemployed. In cooperation with FANT, we have made it possible to hold workshops for the boys and girls alongside the football. This includes topics such as education in human rights, violence, the preventing of teenage pregnancy and how to create a CV.

In cooperation with FANT and Murray Town Football Club, we have built up a strong relationship with the local school. Every Friday and Saturday 25 girls play together with enormous joy. Every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday 40 men take to the field. This is an opportunity for the both teams to enjoy the sport, take part in workshops and socialise all at the same time. It is just as much about having fun as it is about scoring goals.

Update from the FANT project

Beside these two teams, the FANT organisation is working on many other football related projects. Recently, FANT organised for a 40 ft. container from Denmark to arrive in Sierra Leone. The container was filled with over 1,500 footballs, 400 full football kits and 700 football boots, donated by institutions within Denmark. As this donation was more than necessary for our current two sponsorships, FANT has been able to reach out to nine more local clubs and started working on projects for the forthcoming  year.