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Red Cross


The Red Cross is the world's largest humanitarian relief organisation that helps vulnerable people in daily life and during disasters. Just in Denmark, the organisation consists of more than 32.000 volunteers. Through its existence of 150 years, the Red Cross has focused on helping people in need whilst disregarding nationality, ethnicity or religion as barriers. This philosophy and cause is something that we at Les Deux want to champion. In collaboration with the Red Cross, we ensure that our leftover garments can help someone somewhere in the world. We send our clothing for people who are in need, to provide them with something to wear. We have donated so four pallets, 96 boxes, 822 kg and a total of 2592 pieces of clothing.

In collaboration with Mini-a-Ture, we have designed a “Red Cross” shirt, where the profits are donated to the Red Cross Foundation. Furthermore, we have held stock sales, where all the profits went to the Red Cross. We are also proud to be a member of “Klub 10”,that has donated total of almost 4 million DKK.

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