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Responsible supply chain management


For us, responsible supply chain management is about providing fair, safe and legal working conditions for everyone with whom we do business with, and be able to account for our operations and impacts that are caused by us, throughout our supply chain. This demands a fundamental understanding of the necessity within the organization and the overall purpose of this transition.

The immense web of processes that are coherent with a more responsible supply chain management, will not happen overnight, however, we will take responsibility for our activities by implementing proper due diligence at our production sites. We are mapping the possibilities of creating a trustful network of experts within this area who can conduct professional audits at our manufacturers and report back to us, so we can ensure that they are compliant with the contracts.

In order to succeed with this, we will increasingly monitor our supply chain and hence increase overall transparency. These initiatives are strongly supported by our code of conduct with a special focus on safe production, anti-slavery and child labor. If we detect any kind of breach of contract, we will immediately initiate a crisis plan and investigate all the associated parameters in order to solve the issues as fast as possible and in the best interest of all parties.