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Step inside the Aarhus Chapter – Andreas von der Heide on the Role of Retail


Situated in the heart of the vibrant Latin quarters of Aarhus we’ve now seized the opportunity to expand our retail journey with the opening of our Aarhus Chapter Store. The store marks the next step in the progress of Les Deux as a brand and is part of a much more extensive strategy to position Les Deux strategically in new and existing markets through retail. Likewise, it underlines the ambition to offer our full range and lifestyle to the consumers of the region and becoming an integral part of the local community. 

“The Aarhus Chapter Store is to reflect the area of the city that it is situated in. We highlight the French details and add our own edge to it. Like Les Deux it has to reflect the meeting of two worlds, and this includes everything from the way that the store is designed to the profiles we hire.” – Andreas von der Heide, Founder.

Capturing the ambition and atmosphere!

Les Deux has always been more than a brand, rather a lifestyle driven by an entrepreneurial ambition and the determination to provide meaningfulness to our customers and the people involved with the organization. We’re in this world to inspire, and this also includes through our physical presence. Since day one, Les Deux has been built on personal relations, and this very mentality soaks through our approach to retail.   

“Our new retail concept is a place where you are to feel welcome, and a place that you want to stay. A place where we capture the atmosphere that is embodied at our Frederiksberg HQ and extend it to local stores across the world ­– and that journey have now started here in Denmark. “  – Andreas von der Heide, Founder.

Thoroughness and exploration of the Les Deux Universe

The thoroughness that we embed in every aspects of our business also runs through our retail concepts. The concept is developed in tight collaboration with market experts and designed with the experienced Design Studio HelleFlou that has a large portfolio of high-end lifestyle spaces with an elevated yet calm atmosphere to it.

“The store is to deliver the aura surrounding the Les Deux universe and present the brand as more than a company selling clothes. You are to explore the tactile experience of the brand and design. It is absolute key that this store, and future stores, will be warm and welcoming. Yet no store will look and feel the same, as they are meant to inspire and encourage consumers to explore the different retail facets across Europe as we expand our retail journey. “  – Andreas von der Heide, Founder.


Catch the vibe from the store with our curated soundtrack.


Find the Aarhus Chapter Store

Volden 25, 8000 Aarhus

Monday - Thursday: 10.00 - 17.30 
Friday: 10.00 - 19.00
Saturday: 10.00 - 16.00
Sunday: Closed