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The Blue Waves of Menton


The azure blue seafront in Menton is a playground, ideal for relaxation and contemplation. On the French Riviera, it is possible to take long walks through grandiose landscapes and combine the bustle of city life with the call of the sea.


The word ‘riviera’ denotes certain attributes. It speaks of ease, a good quality of life and an exceptional climate. With the mountains of the Alps overlooking it, gently to the west and steep and rocky to the east, the landscape of the French Riviera offers itself to us in a beautiful way. Here, adjacent to the Italian border, Menton is truly framed by the ocean, a completely unique view.

The Mediterranean Sea shines luminous and blue. The shade is cobalt blue according to painters. But this colour is not immutable, rather it is ever changing. The state of the sky, the light, nature and the depth of the sea all have an impact: sometimes it becomes iridescent opal, mauve or even pink, lit by the rising sun or darkened by the grey threat of a storm cloud.

The sea has always been an important aspect of life in Menton. With a mix of small boats designed for pleasure alongside fishing boats for the local population to use for work, all bobbing in the marina, you see how the epicureans of Menton are capable of slowing down and enjoying life to its fullest here. Life at sea gives you the opportunity to be out of view, both far and still in easy access of the luxurious amenities found in the urban tumult. It is in many ways the essence of freedom, the essence of Menton, the essence of blue.