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The Cage


During the 90’s The West Fourth Street Courts, also known as "The Cage" where the most fascinating and fearful basketball court in New York and maybe the whole world 


Basketball was born in the streets and even though the sport has turned mainstream you will only find the real basketball atmosphere in the streets. The most iconic Basketball court in NYC is without a doubt The West Fourth Street Courts, better known as “The Cage”. Here you have it all. The intensity with the small court where flying elbows often occur, the 20-foot chain-link fence that boxes the players into an intense court while surrounded by a huge crowd of energized spectators.

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This court served as a basketball mecca during the 90s. Ever since the immigration really started and all the way up until today this has been the place to come, for the competitive people of New York. The Cage has always been a very unique part of the city in many different ways. The whole vibe and culture are a lively common ground for the residents.



The Cage is known to be the most brutal of all the basketball courts in New York and this is due to two things. The court is created in slightly smaller dimensions than other arenas which forces the players to play closer and the players coming to this court are known to be among the best and most competitive. These factors attract hundreds of spectators every day to see the next big local talent in action or just see the competitive New York mentality. Due to this the competition for playing time on the court is stiff, and the losing team are rarely allowed to play twice. For these players they come to The Cage to feel free in the midst of the city, on the court they dream away from all the noise and their busy everyday life. Although the game on the court is very physical, everybody get together as friends after the game. 

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On the court the competition is fierce, the language is brutal, and the attitude is hard. Stepping into The Cage is survival of the fittest.