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The World Class Concoction


Down by the water in the heart of Copenhagen there is a cocktail bar the like of which you have never experienced before. Pioneering the craft for years, Ruby has become an institution within the industry. With bold flavour and experimental presentation they explore the boundaries of the beverage experience.

When walking around the small, cosy streets of Copenhagen there are plenty of beautiful buildings, sitting side-by-side in harmony. In the city centre you can find some of the oldest houses in the city; tall, narrow designs built over several floors in soft pastel-colours that look just like your dream neighbourhood. It is right there you find a hidden treasure, Ruby, disguised from the untrained eye, primarily for connoisseurs to discover and experience. Ruby is located in an old townhouse that was built 1740 in the oldest part of town, facing the parliament buildings and Thorvaldsens museum. The building has served many purposes over the years; everything from a book printer to a private bank and even part of the cultural ministry. Most important to its current use is the fact that the Danish Spirit Producers (Det Danske Spiritus Kompagni) was founded in those very rooms in 1882 by founding fathers Tietgen, Christian Oleson and Isidor Henenius. Therefore, nothing feels more natural than Ruby continuing the traditions of quality spirits and cocktail experiences in the same premises.

Like most good things in life we are not easily accessible

Ruby opened its doors in 2007 and since then has become an institution in the Danish cocktail industry, where they have been rewarded with several international nominations and awards. The bar is based on the ground floor and basement levels of a four-floor, off-white building with a huge double-winged dark green door that reaches several meters towards the ceiling. Even though Ruby has a lot to be proud of and could easily brag about their reputation, they keep it classy and quiet. The only sign of the cocktail bar being there is a small silver plate beside the door with the name, Ruby. The first impression you get of the bar before entering the door is unremarkable, but all of that changes as soon as you grasp the doorknob and enter.

“'All good journeys start with a leap into the unknown’ Paul Theroux said, and we couldn’t agree more

As you enter the front door, a large, bright room welcomes you with beautiful herringbone parquet floor, complex blue horsehair wallpaper, an old cabinet that has been turned into a humidor for cigars, and a marble bar containing every kind of spirit, liqueur and garnish you can possibly think of. The staff are stylishly dressed and make you immediately feel at home. If you are into challenging and stimulating cocktails you will have no doubt that you’re in the right place.

At Ruby we strive to give the guests an experience with great cocktails in a timeless atmosphere. We hope to help you forget everything else other than your friends, colleagues, cocktails and happy thoughts. That is what you deserve"

To make it clear that Ruby is undoubtedly one of the world’s best cocktail bars we just have to look at the honours they have received. In their 11 years of existence they have been featured on the list of the World’s 50 Best Bars an astonishing six times. That in itself is a fantastic achievement, before you even consider that Ruby reached the number 22 spot one year. The consistency and the willingness to always improve and deliver the best experience possible has made Ruby what it is today – a world class cocktail bar!

The charm of Ruby also lies in the mix of experiences they provide not only when it comes to the drinks but also the kind of environment they have created for you to enjoy. Walking around the cocktail bar you find amazing rooms with different styles of interior design. From the big, bright entrance room or the small, personal bar installations to a beautiful relaxing courtyard and the intense gentleman's room in the basement decorated with wall-to-wall glass cabinets full of rare bottles of vintage spirits, no two spaces are the same. You can easily say there is a spot at Ruby for any mood or occasion – which gives you no excuse for not visiting.

Just like the different styles of interior make it possible for you to tailor your perfect environment to relax in, the drinks menu is similarly versatile. At Ruby they work with two different menu cards. Upstairs at the main bar the menu changes at least four times a year with new additions depending on the season. Here you find all the newest, most experimental combinations, as well as drinks you may already be familiar with, taken to a new level. Downstairs you find another bar which specialises in ‘forgotten classics’. Therefore, Ruby gives you the choice of heading upstairs to experience the latest trends in the world of mixology, or to descend and travel through time with the most legendary and historical drinks you’ve never heard of.

Naturally, Ruby have hired the most skilled people, which currently includes bartenders from Denmark, Sweden, England, Italy, Greece, Latvia and Australia. This opens up a whole other level of service. For every order they customise the type of spirits in your drink, just as you like it. When you order, the mixologist stirs up a conversation about the drink and your personal tastes in cocktails. For every kind of spirit featured, the bartender has two to three options for you to choose between depending on your taste, to ensure they create the perfect drink for each customer.

Ruby is in every aspect a world class cocktail experience. So whatever setting and drinks you prefer, Ruby will be able to serve you an experience you will never forget.