Vision of the future HQ

Embodiment of a Dream

What started out as a vision among friends, turned into a journey that affects people far and wide. The last years have been dominated by an immense growth, leading to the team exceeding our current physical facilities. We’re therefore proud to reveal the vision for our new Headquarters that we’re moving into later this very year.

The vision for the new quarters is to establish an International Fashion Headquarter that symbolizes the fine lines of diversity in Les Deux, which is the very foundation of the brand. A perfect symbolizing the mix between the aesthetically clean luxurious lifestyle and the hard knock life on the streets highlighted by raw concrete surroundings. A symbiotic effect that ignites a spark within the room. In order to emphasize our Scandinavian design heritage we’ve incorporated a sense of mid-century minimalistic design philosophy. Playing around with references to for example Louisiana Museum of Modern Art.

The new Headquarter will be build in the spacious TAP1 which was originally build as a bottling facility for the Carlsberg, later turned exhibition hall. This means that the building is a concrete canvas of which we can build a 100% brand focused setting for our employees and clients.