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What travelling means to The Newborn


Allow us to introduce Daniel Overbeck, also known as @the.newborn. A Copenhagen based travel photographer that will put your personal Instagram to shame! You wont find blurry family photos but rather sharp and inspiring landscape photographies!

We asked Daniel the question of what travelling means to him:

To me, travelling is the ultimate freedom. I always feel more relaxed when I am traveling, even though it typically goes a lot faster than when I'm sitting at home at the office. I think it is about when you are sitting on the other side of the world, and only has that moment, life becomes more manageable. Suddenly, your everyday back at home is put on pause. That is why I think it is much easier "to live in the present", when I am travelling. 

I am fortunate that my job allows me to travel to very beautiful destinations, while at the same time I am making money from doing what I love: taking pictures. Because I travel a lot, I have also learned taking care of myself, and among other things always make sure that I have the right clothes in my suitcase. Several times I have been standing freezing by the end of a waterfall, or I have been lying sweating in a tent in the desert because I didn't dress appropriately. Additionally, often I have meetings with clients when I travel, and so I want to be properly dressed and look decent, to appear my best and at the same time be comfortable, when I have to sit for several hours in an airplane.