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When the Sky is not the Limit


Costas Spathis’ works have challenged the boundaries of drone photography. With innovative technique and superhuman patience, he brings his audience a perspective on our world, beyond our imagination. He started working with drones when they first appeared. Since then, he has mastered his craft and blasted into the skies. swimming people

Ever since childhood, Costas Spathis has pursued his passion for aesthetics and architecture. Growing up in Trikala, the capital of Thessaly, Greece, he would immerse himself in the beauty and symmetry of his surroundings. As Costas would gaze upon the skies, they would present for him a well of inspiration, pushing him towards his passion. This led Costas to enroll himself at the University of Thessaly in Volos, where he took up studies in architecture and design.
After graduation, Costas took his adoration for the arts and turned it into a career. He worked tirelessly in the industry for years, developing his form and style. Inspired by minimalism and mathematics, Costas often took root in geometrical concepts for his work. Cultivating shape from simple equations and formulas, his projects would emulate the natural symmetry of his childhood experiences. 

woman on beachEven though Costas was building a firm career within the industry of architecture, his situation changed in 2012, when he posted a picture on the newly founded social platform; Instagram. He quickly built a following due to his keen eye for minimalist photography. His audience were excited for his innovative way of capturing and editing drone shots, and Costas is now fully focused on developing his career within the confines of high-end art photography. 

4 women swimmingComing from a self-taught background, Costas boasts a certain energy that constantly drives his growth as an artist. The level of preparation he puts into every shot is extreme. To catch a specific light, a certain shape of a shadow or the silhouette of a person, he arms himself with tremendous patience. With the help of weather apps, Google Earth and preflights, he takes countless measures to pick the right time and location, and this is what makes his style of photography possible. 

As Costas has developed his form and style as an artist, the primary inspiration for his work has remained unchanged. Channeling his studies of architectural design, his photos are built on linearity, symmetry and vanishing points. The colour palette is rich in pastels, warm sand and light blues that reference his origin. In conclusion, through his lens, we are able to experience the stunning landscapes of Greece in extraordinary way. A perspective that reveals hidden sights, dancing silhouettes and unusual patterns.

Although Costas has been photographing professionally for 8 years, he is still young and new to the industry. With years of development ahead, we are looking forward to see each and every shot.