Andreas Von der heide

Posted on August 01 2017

ACTIVE-TEX ensures unimpeded movement and freedom. When it comes to reducing the resistance from premium performance apparel there are two main focus areas. The first one is to secure the perfect fit, which we focus on with our PERFORM-FIT technology. The other aspect is our ACTIVE-TEX where we focus on the materials and the functions, which they can offer, to our clothing. With this way of thinking we making sure we always are on track with bringing the best technologies into our sportswear and combining them the best possible way to make the best of the best.

The ACTIVE-TEX technology is developed with a focus on making the outfit “alive” and adjustable to you and your movements during the workout. Extremely stretchy materials ensure unimpeded movement and make you are capable of performing at your highest level without any resistance. The ACTIVE-TEX material gives you the stretch and freedom you need during your training whether it is Crossfit, Fitness or running. This makes sure that you always will be able to perform at your best always.

This material is responsive based on the bodies current thermal status and will also be a non-hysteretic system. This allows the material to be continuously responsive to the current conditions and demand required by the wearer, as opposed to being worn down by the previous conditions the material has been subjected to.

Once again, minimum resistance, optimal homeostasis means increased comfort and a boost to your workout and it will make it more comfortable. For anyone who wants to take exercise seriously, choosing Les Deux Athletics is the best choice due to persistent innovation in material science, turning the best idea into new gear.

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