Andreas Von der heide

Posted on August 01 2017

This technology keeps you dry on the rainy days. Being born and raised in the north we know a thing or two about rainy days and the challenges it brings. Whilst bringing about a whole range of benefits, the rain can also be as a hindrance to performance. Therefore, we have worked hard to optimize the materials we use, so they protect against the different elements, while not compromising performance. Our AQUA-DRY technology is thus developed to keep you as dry as possible without compromising other features of our ensembles.

The AQUA-DRY technology keeps you dry against rain and moisture through special fabrication techniques and patterns, which makes the fabric water resistant. The fibers are aligned in a manner to avoid absorption of water, thus keeping the skin dry.

There is a fine balance in developing the perfect premium performance apparel with focus on water resistance, while not compromising on the functionality. But through many hours of hard work and development we have come up with the perfect AQUA-DRY technology to keep you dry without compromising on the weight of the clothing and most importantly, the ability to complement your homeostasis.

One may ask; how does AQUA-DRY add value to my workout? The answer is that by keeping you dry from the tough elements, you avoid having to worry about hypothermia due to the difference in body temperature caused by the absorbed moisture.

The AQUA-DRY technology is incorporated in all our jackets to give you the best prerequisites to perform and enjoy your autumn and winter workouts. Wearing our jackets, you don’t have to worry about getting soaked whilst outside.

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