Frankly, Nobody Needs All That Crap

Andreas Von der heide

Posted on January 23 2018

We sat down with one of the founders of Frankly Juice, Christian Seiersen, for a talk about passion, health and sustainability.

Christian Seiersen is the type of person, who believes, that being yourself should determine the direction you choose to go. In 2014, he founded Frankly Juice with Christian Bowall, to give voice to his passion and inspire others to obtain a more healthy and sustainable lifestyle. To Christian, Frankly has never just been about squeezing fruit and vegetables, bottle it up and sell it as the cure for wellness. The juice represents a movement and an eagerness to change people's perceptions of health, whilst making the food industry more sustainable.

Together We Juice
Christian hands me one of the cold pressed juices in bright orange as we sit down to talk. He has this kind of effortless energy about him and you can tell that the result of his product is reflected in his lifestyle. As with many entrepreneurs, his strongest passion is what kick-started his adventure three years ago and that passion immediately shines through when I ask him about his life and more importantly, what he lives for.

Christian is an extreme perfectionist, which is partly the reason why he became an entrepreneur; to do things exactly how he wanted. The other part probably comes from his dad, who has been self-employed throughout Christian’s upbringing. He is also quick to address that Frankly would still just be a dream if it hadn’t been for the people who helped him along the way and is still a big part of the company today. Christian’s brother, Nikolaj, who has been part of the journey from the very start, where different juice combinations were tested on the kitchen counter, handles all production and owns part of Frankly today.

Despite Christian’s perfectionist nature, he places a lot of his success on being faced with different perspectives from the people closest to him. Frankly is a great example of how diversity can drive a business forward as long as that diversity does not interfere with a common purpose and direction.         

Health Hack
If we return to the passion for a second, I quickly realise that the juice is simply Frankly’s way to make an impact on their environment. Christian has a clear mission to inspire people to make better choices for themselves and the generation they are responsible for raising. Today, we are easily influenced by trends, especially when they are accepted by the mass to be true and that creates a distorted perception of what is healthy.

Take the current hype about protein for example. All of a sudden a chocolate bar goes from a guilty treat to an essential part of an athlete's diet, just because it says protein with big letters on the packaging. We see the same happening in the juice industry. That is also why being completely transparent about our production, from plucking to packaging, is an essential part of Frankly.           

In Frankly, they try to stay as close to the raw material as possible and avoid any unnecessary processing of the fruit and vegetables. The juice is squeezed in a very delicate way to preserve natural flavours and they avoid pasteurising because it kills important nutrients in the process.

However, Christian’s view on health is much more than a cold pressed squeeze of nutrition. Sustainability is at the core of the passion that drove the dream forward:

'Sustainability is when we use the excess pulp from our production to feed the bears in the Copenhagen Zoo with a healthy snack or when the pulp makes up the base of a delicious muffin at the Emmerys bakery. But sustainability is also the dream of delivering fresh juice to schools and teach our children about what good nutrition is, as well as how good spinach can taste if you just mix it with the juice from an apple’.

Yes, the Walking Veggie Drinks Beer

After all this health-talk, I can’t help but wonder if Christian is the kind of guy who can’t eat a croissant without going for a 10k run immediately after. He is a certified dietician, a personal trainer and he played football from age 5-22, so undoubtedly a healthy lifestyle has always been a part of his life. But he admits that his exercise routine has taken a hit by the success of his business.  

‘I am a 200% kind of guy. That means I eat and sleep Frankly Juice at the moment. I constantly struggle to find the perfect balance between physical, mental and emotional well-being and it’s probably the hardest thing in the world. However, I try to improve every day. I try to feed my body with the best fuel possible to be on top and be present with the people around me, but I also eat cake at birthdays and drink beer with the boys. Moderation in all things is what I strive for.’       

We admire Christian’s power and how his endless drive for success, whilst still staying grounded and remembers the people who made Frankly possible. We can not wait to follow his journey and see what Frankly has got in store for us next.

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