How To Clean Your Sneakers

Kalle Hansson

Udgivet den 08/29/17 Aug 2017

Sneakers are essential in every man’s wardrobe. There’s no way around it. They’re perfect for a weekend stroll, a casual night out, and honestly about anything you can think of. The inevitability about sneakers is that they’re bound to get a little dirty. That’s OK, actually. Some sneakers even look better with a slightly dirty, worn-look. The real problem occurs when your sneakers get TOO dirty. You might ask, “How dirty is too dirty?” Well, if you even have to question wearing them around in your own house, they’re probably too dirty. In the end, you’re the ultimate judge of cleanliness. Just in case you’re one of those who know that their sneakers might need a cleaning, we’ve happily offered you a step-by-step guide to bringing life back to your feet.

What you’ll need:

Brush/Old toothbrush, All-purpose kitchen cleaner, Hand towel

  • Step 1: Take the laces out of your sneakers, and throw them in the washer. 
  • Step 2: Place your hand inside the sneakers as if your hands were now your feet. This will help you easily move and handle the sneaker without getting the insides or your hands wet in the process. 
  • Step 3: Lightly wet the areas of the sneakers that need cleaning. The outsides of the soles are usually the worst. 
  • Step 4: Spray the dirty and now dampened parts of your sneakers with an all-purpose kitchen cleaner. Only a few sprays will suffice. 
  • Step 5: Take your brush/old toothbrush and start scrubbing the now dampened and dirty areas. Make sure you’re scrubbing away from your body to make sure that no dirt or grime finds its way on your clothes. 
  • Step 6: Run the areas you’ve just scrubbed under some water to wash away access dirt and grime. Be sure to keep your hand inside the shoe, and be careful to not let water leak into the sole. 
  • Step 7: Take your towel and lightly dry off the sneakers. Use a twisting motion to lift any access dirt for those areas of stubborn stains or access dirt. Step 8: Finally, re-lace your washed and dried laces.

That’s it. You’re finished! Now you have a clean look to prepare you for any adventure ahead.

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