How To Wear Your Bag

Kalle Hansson

Udgivet den 08/29/17 Aug 2017

Bags are a perfect accessory, which help you completing your outfit. A bag can change your whole look and can dress it up or down. There are small bags usable for dinners, large bags usable for work and big bags usable for weekend trips. It all depends on what you have to carry. This is Les Deux’ advise for you on bags: First of all you have to check how long the strap is, this is necessary for deciding how you can wear your bag. The three sizes of bags will be described depending on how long the strap is.

• Small bags  Often has short straps which is perfect for wearing over the shoulder or held in your hand. Sometimes small bags can also be worn across the body, this requires a little longer strap.

• Medium bags  Often has a longer strap due to the weight you have to put in. Medium bags can be used over the shoulder, in your hand or some can often be wearable across the body. Computerbags can often be wearable like this. Medium bags also includes backpacks, which are also usable due to the two strong straps.

• Large bags  Always worn in the hand due to the size and weight.

These where the practical advices from Les Deux. But what we really think is important is that you should wear your bag with confidence. Confidence suits everyone and it will make you and your bag better looking. No matter what bag you are wearing, how you are wearing it and how it looks like, a confident expression will be a must for completing your whole look.

So choose your bag, choose how you will wear it and make sure that you are wearing it with confidence.

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