Andreas Von der heide

Posted on July 01 2017

LIGHT-TEX secures zero weight-resistance. As part of taking your training to the next level, one must finely tune all aspects of the workout, in order to reduce wastage and increase efficiency. In particular, one aspect is very important in every sport when it comes to improvement, and that is the weight of your gear. In almost every sporting and athletic activity, the lighter your gear, the higher the output. This means one can run faster, jump higher or longer, lift heavier and so on.

To help you take your workout to the highest level, we have refined our premium performance apparel by developing the LIGHT-TEX technology. This technology allows us to engineer extremely light materials to give you practically zero resistance. The fibres are made from select materials that are designed in order to make you feel as if you wearing nothing at all. This means you’ll face decreased resistance in any activity you will participate in, thus meaning that you’ll reach your goals and achieve new physical feats.

Only with the right technologies you can develop lightweight sportswear in a high enough quality to withstand the harsh treatment you will be exposed to during a workout. That ability and the way we have kept functions such as breathable materials, quick-to-dry etc. testify that the LIGHT-TEX products are of the highest quality possible.

So, whatever sport you are practicing and level you are at the LIGHT-TEX products will help you taking your practice to the next level.

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