Andreas Von der heide

Posted on August 01 2017

NIGHT-TEX makes you visible even in the darkest hours. Our Nordic upbringing has accustomed us to the long and dark nights, where your sight is diminished, as well as for the people around you. Therefore it is very important to make yourself visible on the dark and lonely roads so the cars, bikes, other runners etc. have a chance to see you. Real athletes enjoy working out on all hours of the day and the dark nights should not be an obstacle. Therefore, we have developed NIGHT-TECH, for those night owls who want to challenge themselves at any hour of the day.

The sophisticated and edgy designs contain reflectors, allowing you to be clearly visible to traffic and others. This simple design element is essential, for safety does indeed come first. At the same time, these reflectors have a sense of design about them, meaning that they add an aesthetically pleasing element whilst allowing you to go about your workout safely. The look has a futuristic, edgy and slick element to it whilst allowing you to fulfil your workout potential with no compromising.

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