Andreas Von der heide

Posted on August 01 2017

PERFORM-FIT contours body types and increases flexibility and comfort. When it comes to working out you need an outfit, which suits your body shape to perfection. The only way you can do that is through gender specific fits where you follow the different curves for men and women.

What differentiates a male form from a female form may be a very minute percentage change in our DNA structure. However, anyone who has studied the consequence of even a 0.01% change in genetics will understand the domino effect it has on the rest of the being in question.

Therefore, we have paid attention even to the minutest details to pay attention to the difference in masculine and feminine physiques. PERFORM-FIT thus acknowledges these differences and contours the clothing in order to decrease material resistance. This is especially important in high performance athletics, especially when the slightest increase in your drag profile can make the difference between a photo-finish and failure to launch.

By increasing flexibility and comfort in movement, PERFORM-FIT caters for a variety of gender diverse body shapes without hindering your performance. Choose PERFORM-FIT for the flexibility, comfort and power.

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