Andreas Von der heide

Posted on August 01 2017

As the name refers to, QUICK-DRY enables quick drying products. Coming from the north teaches you a thing or two about nature and the different meteorological phenomena. If there is rain or snow you always need to know how to treat your sportswear and the best way to maintain the high quality in the fabrics and coding is to keep it dry. Therefore we have developed technologies specially focusing on this aspect of your after workout routine.

The QUICK-DRY technology ensures that after a workout, any latent moisture is reduced in order to maintain homeostasis, which is essential during and after a workout. Your outfit will quickly dry and make sure it is ready for your next workout shortly after. Unlike working out in traditional materials such as cotton, there is no waiting around for your gear to dry, and there is very little risk of hypothermia due to thermal imbalance.

Being an ambitious athlete it is an absolute must to keep your best premium performance apparel ready for another workout and with the QUICK-DRY technology it will always be ready.

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