Andreas Von der heide

Posted on August 01 2017

STORM-PROOF keeps natures windy elements out of your training. Nothing can be compared to the feeling of the fresh and stormy wind from the north against your face and the thrill it gives you. The wind can be both your friend and your enemy, depending on how you see it. Battling against the wind can really knock the breath out of you; however, it is only after the workout that you really feel the pay off.

The STORM-PROOF technology is designed to keep the wind out of your workout. This is done by the way the fabrics themselves are layered and laminated. The result of this specific lamination is a material that has lower porosity allowing increased resistance to wind, whilst simultaneously creating breathable materials.

The biggest task in developing the perfect windproof premium performance apparel is to keep the high-quality functionality while making it stop the winding from cutting through porous weaves. We have invested time in developing, testing and improving the technology until it was perfect in any aspect. Therefore, our STORM-PROOF styles will stop the wind while maintaining important functions such as being breathable, lightweight etc.

Prepare yourself for the storms from the north with our STORM-PROOF technology and enjoy the outdoor training.

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