Visiting Gibreltar

Andreas Von der heide

Posted on August 29 2017

The end of Europe, the port to Africa, guidance for ships. Yes Gibraltar has many meanings and it’s an exiting place to be. In history the bay of Gibraltar has sheltered ships and sailors. The Greeks saw Gibraltar as the end of the know world. To pass it was to sail in to an uncertainty of all kind. You could fall off the edge of the world in worst case!

Now Gibraltar has visitors from over the world and their most famous thing is of course the cliff, but also the lighthouse. Both are big benchmarks for fore ships but also things that make Gibraltar great!

They have also some great beaches and a nice harbour. So to be sailing in the Mediterranean Sea and around Gibraltar is an experience you will never forget. The blue water and the amazing atmosphere around sailing. To explore the Mediterranean Sea and everything around it will be a great experience. While sailing why not use Gibraltar as your benchmark just as the old sailors and even pirates?

The detection rate of Gibraltar and everything around it is what has inspired our Gibraltar pants and Gibraltar shirt. So do as the old sailors and use Gibraltar as a benchmark for your new wardrobe!

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