Visiting Sälen

Kalle Hansson

Udgivet den 08/29/17 Aug 2017

Sälen, the winter pearl of Sweden. This fantastic place has a lot to offer! Skiing in every form, slalom and cross-country. The Nature is just amazing and the possibilities are many. You can discover it by many winter sports, such as snow-scooter and dogsled. Good after-ski and parties but also a calm places where you can enjoy a nice drink.

There is a variation in all slopes, for beginners and the most experienced skiers. It’s a really relaxed atmosphere and if you want to have a challenge you should the famous slope called “The wall” and yes it is steep. There are also a nice experience to explore the nature by cross-country skis. Sälen is actually an important place in the history of Sweden and in the cross-country industry as well. One of Sweden’s first kings where skiing 90km between Sälen and Mora. This path is now the famous “Vasa loppet” where over 80 000 people makes that race every year.

When you get tiered and want to relax there are a lot of places where you can get a nice goulash sop, hot chocolate or a coffee. Of course there a nice after-ski and bars in different styles.

There are two places that we at Les Deux prefer and that are TD Lounge and Tandådalens Wärdshus. At the TD Lounge there is a relaxed nice atmosphere where you can enjoy your drinks and have a good conversation with your friends. Tandådalens Wärdshus offers the best after-ski Sälen has to offer! Just the place to be for the after-ski.

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