Interview With Our First Shop

Kalle Hansson

Posted on August 29 2017

Why did you choose to buy Les Deux in the first place, and what made you believe in it?

We first met Virgil (one of the founders of Les Deux) at a fashion exhibition when he’d just started the blog Superbial. He wrote a raving article about our handbag shop, S.T. VALENTIN, and thus we started off to a good relationship. Then one day, we received a call from Virgil, saying that he and his friend Andreas would like to start a clothing brand and they wanted to exhibit some items to us. I can clearly remember the day they came to Aarhus and visited us; the lads had visited a fair number of stores on the road to Aarhus, where they presented their clothing brand. At the time, the brand consisted only of a white t-shirt with some military patches, a so-called Royalty Tee. The shops they visited were rather unimpressed, to put it mildly. When they arrived in Aarhus, they were exhausted from a hard day of field work with negative results. Yet they possessed a fiery spirit and a glint in their eyes, meaning that they still believed 100% in what they were doing; they hadn’t given up. The t-shirt was indeed something unusual. However, we believed in Andreas and Virgil’s commitment along with their passion. This led to us giving them a chance.

How does Les Deux fit into S.T. VALENTIN’s universe?

We have sold Les Deux from the very start of their brand, when their portfolio consisted of nothing more than a t-shirt. Thereon, we have sold the first sweatshirt, cap, shirts etc. and we have seen Les Deux grow from a young entrepreneurial project to an international clothing brand. We have had close dialogues with the lads throughout their existence. Hence I say Les Deux is an important part of our universe and we represent the whole of Les Deux in our store.

Have you recently seen anything that has inspired you?And which factors affect your purchases for the next collection?

We have just purchased our AW17 season, and most of the brands have got more colour in their collections despite the fact it is the autumn/winter season. It is refreshing to see pink and maroon dominating the collection for season where the colours are generally quite dark.

Which trends do you perceive as dominating in the AW17 collection?

There are many to choose from. However, one of the most apparent tendencies are smarter trousers, or ‘dress pants’, which in the old days were used as an integral part of the classic suit. Nowadays they are fully integrated as part of the daily wardrobe. People use trousers as an alternative to jeans and mix them with t-shirts, hoodies, denim jackets etc. Which trends don’t you see happening? You’ve got to be careful when judging which trends won’t last, especially in these times when the style of 90s is coming back. However, microfiber trousers from the 90s with reflectors down the sides and Chinese symbols are something we could do without.

What affects your purchasing?

We are very conscious about what fits into our universe. We find inspiration and make observations at fashion exhibitions, major cities like New York, London, Berlin, lifestyle blogs among other things.

Do you stick to current trends?

What is at the forefront of your mind when you purchase? One of our most interesting tasks is to be able to spot the right trends at the right time and be able to integrate them into our universe. It is both an art and a science though to understand when a trend is fading and to be able to retreat before it’s too late.

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