Kalle Hansson

Posted on August 29 2017

We at Les Deux aspire to be timeless and classic brand. As an extension of this vision, we developed a collection of timepieces as the staple to our accessories.

Moreover, we are of the persuasion that watches can remain á la mode for 20-30 years at a stretch, which is comparably long in proportion to clothing. We therefore ventured into making our own watches, where each watch resonated with our collections.

It was also a logical choice as part of a generic metamorphosis from a fashion to a lifestyle brand. This is also reflected through other ventures we have collaborated with Johan Bulow liquorice, Nørrebro Brewery beer and snapbacks; together, these ventures are part of Les Deux being something more than apparel. We wish to continue this fantastic journey, as we continue to become more prolific.

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