New Arrivals

As the seasons change and nature unfolds new palettes of colours, this source of inspiration leads us to the creation of exciting, new designs just for you. We understand that the modern woman of today needs to combine effortless fashion with practical comfort.



At the heart of all our clothing is sophistication and beautiful tailoring, designed to celebrate and complement the feminine form. This means that from the first line in our design sketch to the warehouse, our designs are infused and produced, with grace and elegance in mind.

The modern women possess the balance of a commanding power and demure; these qualities are emphasised throughout our collection with sophistication and simplicity intertwined.

The fabrics we use considered with both the look and the functionality. The materials are chosen in order to complement the physique of the woman who wants to appear in her element at every occasion. Then regardless of which season it is, we bear in mind the function of the fabric. For example, our piqué cotton products are brilliant in the summer for ventilation and simultaneously, great at keeping shape. Then there are other cotton qualities such as brushed cotton which possess a distinctive feeling of softness. Last but not least, we use cashmere wool, renowned for its regal quality softness. If there’s one thing we at Les Deux can guarantee, it’s that our products are designed to make you look and feel great.

So go ahead and revitalise your wardrobe this season by choosing Les Deux, as we design to keep you looking chic through all four seasons, for every occasion!