About Us

About Us

It All Started With a Single T-Shirt  

Sometimes, a friendship can grow between the unlikeliest of people. People from different backgrounds, with different personalities, and completely different upbringings can become something more together than they ever were apart.   

The story of the friendship that became Les Deux begins one cold autumn night in Copenhagen in 2011, when a law student from the suburbs met a creative guy with roots from Central Africa in one of the city’s bars.  

As the Two began talking, one noticed the other’s T-shirt: plain white with military patches sewn on by hand.   

Solid in their conviction that you can succeed no matter who you are, the Two had the spark of an idea to create more of these T-shirts, making clothing that unifies people.   

Two contrasts met – preppy and urban, creative and entrepreneur - and the Two warmed to their plan, settling on the ambitious goal of becoming one of the world’s most impactful lifestyle brands.   

A lot has happened since that first meeting. We’ve grown from a business run from the founder’s small Copenhagen apartment to an international brand with a team of 100 people with 100 different personalities and backgrounds, united in the belief that difference provides strength.    

Community Through Clothing 

That belief has become the fuel for everything we do, and everything can trace its origin to that friendship and community of two.   

We all play a part in building each other up, and as we have grown this mentality has expanded to include not just our internal team, but customers, partners, agents, clients, and everyone in between.  

We want to create clothing that helps you feel a sense of belonging. That becomes a small part of your story. That inspires you to do more, whoever you are.   

Because truly great attire isn’t just about how you look. It’s about how it makes you feel.   

Designing a Legacy

We started out because we wanted to change our own lives for the better. But we also wanted to make a difference to other people’s lives.  

Through hard work, dedication, and determination, we’re able to impact those who haven’t had the same opportunities as us.  

With our Legacy program, we want to help drive change in the communities where we are present, joining projects as diverse as building schools for Syrian refugees in the Middle East to social initiatives that give underprivileged young people in Denmark a second chance.  

One day, we want to have a Legacy project running in every single community we have a connection to. To us, this is as important as building that T-shirt into a brand was. 

We are Les Deux. 

We’re still in the first chapter of our story and a long way off from that ambitious goal we set over a decade ago. We may never get there. But just because something is unlikely doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to do it anyway. Because the biggest achievements never happen by thinking small.    

We are built upon this foundation of three ideas.

We always strive for more and are driven by the entrepreneurial spirit of our first meeting.  

We make clothing for a community where everyone is welcome.   

And we improve lives by making a difference to that community. 


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