Internship | Graphic Design 

Les Deux is an international fashion company and brand established in 2011 with headquarter in Copenhagen, Denmark. The story of Les Deux is a story about a cross-cultural relationship between a political refugee and a prep boy from the suburbs; two personalities, who were able to inspire each other and embrace their diversity. The authenticity of this relationship was carried over into what became Les Deux — a brand created in the unique meeting between mentalities and backgrounds.

Today Les Deux is a full range category fashion company and an international lifestyle brand with ambitions to grow even bigger the following years. Our culture and our ambitions to never compromise in the things we do in the production of our products or when we engage with our community is the cornerstone of the company. To be a part of this culture and journey we are looking for an intern within graphic design in the marketing team who can support their education with hands-on experience. We have an idea about who this could be, which you can read below, but are always open to hear from personalities who don’t see themselves fit into a formula.


- Creative spirit with a mind that thinks outside the box.

- Open minded and a mindset that no task is too big to learn from.

- Curious within the graphic universe when it comes to both techniques and creative approach.

- Not afraid of coming up with new ideas and present them.

- Profound interest in fashion and design.

- The type that brings energy and motivation into any team.

- Fluent in English. 


Ideally you are studying within the graphic design field and your dream is to become a rock-solid graphic designer with the ability to create and develop new design directions and looks. You have been introduced to the craftmanship of graphic design before and know your way around in both methodology and terms — but also has a basic experience in working in Adobe Creative Suite (InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator).

Job description

  • Assist on graphic tasks and deliverables within the Marketing team and organization.
  • Support on photoshoots with both setup and execution, including keeping track of both shooting plan, asset output and post processing.
  • Assist on managing of our image- and brand platform.
  • Support on campaigns and general communication pushes with relevant graphic design.
  • Help to an awesome environment in our Marketing team!


Tasks will vary in scale and travel may occur.

What is it like to work at Les Deux?

We like what we do and we love to go to work together — that is the spirit at Les Deux. Mainly to seek new standards for the company and the brand, but also to ensure a fun and inspiring work environment. Our company is not driven by individuals but by the ability to stand together as a team when it matters the most. Having a down to earth culture is key for our brand and it starts at the headquarter, where we hope that people will participate in our social events, in the weekly offered personal training or yoga sessions, etc. For us it is important to create an environment where people like to spend time with their colleagues and together set the bar higher than it was yesterday when it comes to our ambitions.


If this sounds interesting, please send your application as soon as possible as we are taking in interns on a regular basis and will hire candidates when it fits in with the opening we get. We look forward to hear from you and hopefully see you as part of the Les Deux journey!


Send your CV and potential portfolio to: hr@lesdeux.com