Our societal impact is paramount, meaning that we truly care about how we do business and that everyone involved has a sense of happiness and fulfilment. It essential for us that Les Deux is and will be known for what we stand for and that we work hard everyday in order to leave behind a legacy that we can be proud of.


Eventure is a Danish union that works hard to create personal and educational development in third world countries. The goal is to improve the living conditions and the quality of life for people through long-term sustainable development. Read more


In the challenging environment of Sierra Leone’s social, political and economic landscapes, Fant ensures that the youth can continue to develop and nurture their sporting talent. The aim of the organisation is to develop sporting role models in order to inspire the youth. Read more

Climb for Charity

Climb for charity is a charity initiative that combines training, adventurousness and community with the purpose to make a difference. Several times a year, a number of participants climb some of the world’s highest peaks in order to collect funds to the Children’s Safety Foundation and the initiative The Heroes of Play. Read more

The Child Accident Prevention Foundation

The Child Accident Prevention Foundation (Børneulykkesfonden) is a non-profit organization that works to ensure the safety of children in Denmark and reduce the number of accidents. Read more

The Red Cross Denmark

The Red Cross is the world's largest humanitarian relief organisation that helps vulnerable people in daily life and during disasters. Read more

The School on Slotsvænget

The School on Slotsvænget is a small boarding school with capacity for approximately 40 children in need of special support. The school gives the children a chance for education and the opportunity to take the secondary school's final exam. Read more

At Les Deux, we have a significant purpose of making a difference. We are continuously striving to improve peoples’ lives through different meaningful commitments and charities, which has led to the creation of Les Deux Legacy. This integrated part of the company is dedicated to support those in need, whether it’s financially or emotionally, as we believe it’s crucial to engage in your surrounding environment with a desire to help create a better future for all.

The Les Deux Legacy is the base from which we engage in initiatives and projects that contribute to those in need, both locally and internationally. In addition, it also embraces the journey of bringing Les Deux in a more sustainable direction. It’s about providing meaning, in the areas where the world often may seem senseless, whether socially or environmentally.

Our societal impact is paramount, and we therefore, truly care about how we do business. It is essential for us that Les Deux is - and always will be - known for the Legacy that we work hard everyday to proudly leave behind.

Where the charities may change from year to year, one thing that is certain, is that our focus on sustainability won’t change. This is the Legacy that we want to be remembered for. This is Les Deux Legacy.