Packaging and Materials

Retail packaging

All of the packaging in our shops, gift boxes and gift wrap, are FSC-Mixcertified meaning that 70% of the material derive from FSC certified forestsand the remaining 30% constitute of either Controlled Wood, pre-consumer/recycledmaterials or a mix of them both.


Controlled Wood is classified in accordance to following standards:

·      Low risk of illegal logging

·      Low risk of violating human rights

·      Low risk of the conservationoriginal values can be violated by new managerial activities

·      Low risk of harvesting from areaswhere genetically modified trees have been planted


Alt pakkemateriale I vores butikker,gaveæsker og gavepapir, er FSC-Mix certificeret hvilket medfører at 70% afmaterialet stammer fra FSC certificerede skove, og de resterende 30% udgørenten Controlled Wood, pre-consumer/genavendte materialer eller en blanding afde to.


Controlled Wood er klassificeret ioverensstemmelse med følgende standarder:

·     Lav risiko for ulovlig skovhugst

·     Lav risiko for overtrædelser af civilerettigheder

·     Lav risiko for at bevaringen af oprindeligeværdier overtrædes af nye ledelsesmæssige aktiviteter

·     Lav risiko for at der høstes i områder, hvor derplantes genmodificerede træer


Prospects in terms of sustainable development

Starting from next season, Spring 21, we will begin to phase out theusage of conventional plastic polybags and transition into only applyingrecyclable ones going forward. This process entails that we will use the residual stock of conventional polybags inorder to avoid waste and then fully integrate recycled plastic in the future.

The same applies with cardboard boxes containing the goods that wereceive from our suppliers across the world. Here we have also engaged theprocess of going from conventional cardboard into FSC certified and recycledcardboard during the Spring 21 collection.